Abused drug testing: what does your positive drug test tell you?

We hope you were able to join us at the 2015 National Association of Drug Court Professionals (NADCP) meeting in Washington, DC. If you missed the conference or this educational seminar presented by industry-expert Pat Pizzo, you can download a copy of the presentation slides here. 

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This seminar will assist you in better understanding the drug test results you receive from the laboratory. We will also touch on new drugs, synthetic cannabinoids, synthetic stimulants and natural occurring plant materials.

Key learning objectives

  • Determining new use or residual elimination of THCA
  • Cocaine positive from use, passive inhalation, dermal adsorption or accidental ingestion
  • Understanding the synthetic opiates
  • The truth about synthetic cannabinoids
  • The new drugs on the streets

Presenter: Pat Pizzo, Director of Toxicology, Alere Toxicology Services