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Boost laboratory efficiency with one CDS

Chromeleon CDS was designed with scientists and technicians in mind. It simplifies repetitive tasks, reduces errors and helps you to achieve more ‘right first time’ analyses. A suite of smart tools make your work faster and easier while ensuring reproducible, quality results.

Learn how Chromeleon software can streamline laboratory operations and deliver significant productivity and efficiency gains.

Operational simplicity and intelligent functionality

Streamlining the laboratory using one centrally implemented CDS for both chromatography and quantitative MS workflows results in considerable efficiency gains; reduced training effort for your lab staff, reduced time for implementation, validation and maintenance, and access to all resources, data and results from any location.

Chromeleon CDS provides efficient and reliable handling of today’s chromatographic data and manages the entire analytical process. From routine quality testing to constantly changing research methods and anything in between, Chromeleon software streamlines your entire workflow, delivering better results, faster.

Chromeleon CDS Streamline
Chromeleon CDS streamlines your workflows for increased productivity

Chromeleon software delivers ease of use through Operational Simplicity which follows three specific design principles:

  • Minimize the steps needed to perform any task
  • Make all steps easy to understand and easy-to-use
  • Minimize the time it takes to perform any task

By adhering to these principles, all actions become fast and intuitive. The software provides a balance between mainstream capabilities and specialized functions (intelligent functionality), and between focusing on the immediate task and creating awareness of greater possibilities.

Productivity and efficiency features


Learn about some of the tools that streamline workflows and deliver seamless data flow within the laboratory.

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Right the First Time

Right the First Time, Every time

Chromeleon CDS provides tools that work together to ensure every analysis will run right first time. Here we discuss what you can do to improve your chances of achieving “right first time, every time” analysis.

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Sequence Creation CDS

Fast, accurate sequence creation

Chromeleon CDS simplifies your analysis to just a few mouse clicks, without sacrificing flexibility, using innovative eWorkflow™ procedures.

Fundamentally, all chromatography workflows are similar: samples are injected, chromatographic separations are performed, signals are captured, and results are generated. Where workflows differ is in the details, such as the instrument conditions, injection sequence requirements, and the techniques by which results are calculated. These differences create complexity for operators, reducing their efficiency and increasing the risk of errors.

Chromeleon software solves these problems using eWorkflow procedures. These are a set of rules that capture all the unique aspects of a chromatography workflow, and guide the operator through a minimal number of choices needed to create a complete, correct sequence with predefined files and a well-defined structure.

Using an eWorkflow procedure drastically simplifies correct sequence creation—the operator just selects an instrument, specifies the number of samples and the starting vial position in the autosampler, and begins the analysis. The software then runs the chromatography, processes the data, and produces final results.

eWorkflow procedures minimize the amount of training required and take you from samples to reliable results in a minimum number of steps.

See the Streamline your Workflow spotlight and Streamlining Routine Chromatography Analyses using eWorkflow procedures on-demand webinar for more information.


Easy, dynamic data processing

Batch reprocessing of data can be very time consuming, subjective and error-prone. Chromeleon CDS simplifies and controls the process to speed up data analysis and get you from samples to results quickly and easily. It helps you process chromatograms with minimal effort and saves you time with smart, intuitive tools to simplify and streamline data processing. These tools include:

  • MiniPlot graphs and Result Columns that give an immediate, in-sequence overview of the data and results without opening the chromatogram.
  • Dynamic data processing and linking ensure all changes are instantly reflected in the data and results, saving valuable time.
  • The Cobra peak detection algorithm rapidly, reliably and accurately identifies peaks and baselines.
  • The unique SmartPeaks Integration Assistant gives you the baselines you want quickly, reproducibly and intuitively.
  • SmartLink presents the analyst with all the relevant information needed for processing and reviewing data, delivering faster and simplified data analysis.

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System Suitability Tests with Intelligent Run Control

System Suitability Tests (SST) with Intelligent Run Control (IRC) are automated checks for in-run pass/fail limits that can be configured to reinject samples or even abort the run and shut down the instrument based on the result. SST and IRC are included as a standard feature requiring no extra licenses.

With conditional SST cases any variable can be monitored, including calculated amounts, allowing the user to perform specification checks during the run and react accordingly. The reference values themselves can be either fixed numbers or variables giving ultimate flexibility to create test cases.

The IRC feature Chromeleon CDS gives you complete control over your running sequence, giving you more ‘right the first time’ analyses. Actions can be defined conditionally or unconditionally to be performed at the end of each injection with a simple wizard to guide the user. Built-in error handling ensures continued operation should one of the IRC actions fail to execute.

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Advanced spreadsheet reporting

Chromeleon CDS provides the reporting options necessary to meet the requirements of your organization. Create reports using the templates provided, or customize according to your needs within a powerful spreadsheet environment.

The spreadsheet format for report design affords a comfortable, familiar interface for users – if you can use Microsoft® Excel®, you can create a Chromeleon Report Template. Adding tables, chromatograms, plots and charts is simple with the ribbon controls and a live preview of everything helps you select the correct element first time, reducing errors and saving time.

Spreadsheet Reporting CDS

Save customized reports, tables, plots and charts for re-use or simply select elements from any report in your Chromeleon Domain for reuse, reducing errors and saving time on future report creation.

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AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications

Gain access to our applications expertise. The Thermo Scientific™ AppsLab Library of Analytical Applications is a web portal to our comprehensive online repository of chromatography and mass spectrometry (MS) methods and applications. Now you can easily search, filter, download and run these Thermo Scientific methods and applications.


Open Access interface: walk up and run

Thermo Scientific™ Chromeleon™ XPS software is an Open Access tool enabling users to simply walk up and use a very straightforward interface to exploit the full power of Chromeleon CDS, without actually using the CDS software itself.

The Chromeleon XPS interface provides a streamlined and easy-to-use interface for Chromeleon software, while maintaining full capabilities of the CDS, like instrument control, data processing, reporting, and compliance tools.


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