Essential IC that doesn’t compromise

Essential IC that doesn’t compromise

Our chemists and engineers have been manufacturing high-quality ion chromatography systems since 1975. Since we have been doing ion chromatography the longest, no one else has more experience for you to leverage. Whether you perform standard water analysis applications or need an instrument for the academic setting, we have the right instrument for your lab. Speak to an expert to find the system that’s right for you or order online for faster delivery.

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 Dionex Easion IC System
Dionex Easion IC System
Dionex Aquion IC System
Dionex Aquion IC System
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DescriptionThermo Scientific Dionex Easion IC system brings simplicity to everyday analyses by providing everything you need in one small package. No additional pumps or ancillary items are required to operate Easion. Anion and cation chemistry kits take the guess work out of setup and running.Thermo Scientific Dionex Aquion IC system brings a new level of robustness and reproducibility to common ion chromatography analyses. Upgradeability allows for optional features to be added at anytime, so it is flexible if your analytical needs or methods change. 
DimensionsH 13” W 9.5” D 15.7”H 22.1” W 8.8” D 21”Saves you space in your lab so you can easily accommodate other technologies.
SoftwareThermo Scientific Chromeleon Version 7.2.10Thermo Scientific Chromeleon 7.2 and 7.3Aquion is compatible with the newest version of Chromeleon
Flow Path MaterialPEEKPEEKInert material compatible with IC eluents
SuppressionOnly Chemical SuppressionBoth (Chemical & Electrolytic)Electrolytic suppressors require no regenerant, meaning there are fewer reagents to make, no acid exposure, and more consistent results
Column HeaterNoYes, optionalHeater gives increased precision and enables applications that run at elevated temperatures (including some basic EPA methods)
Eluent DegassingNoYes, optionalDegasser reduces baseline noise
Auxiliary ValveNoYes, optionalEnables automated sample preparation
Leak DetectionNoYes, built in optical sensorHelps with troubleshooting
Autosampler-compatibleYes (AS-DV or AS-AP)Yes (AS-DV or AS-AP)Enables walkaway operation when analyzing multiple samples


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