2D analysis software for materials characterization and quality control


Avizo2D Software provides advanced feature classification and statistics extraction capabilities on 2D images in a low learning curve environment.

Avizo2D Software allows materials scientists and Quality Control engineers to build and run image analysis ‘recipes’, combining Deep Learning models, pre-built workflows and powerful image processing tools.

Focus on your domain expertise

The workflow-driven approach provides a simple-to-use image analysis environment, where non-image processing experts can easily get answers from their imaging data. The intuitive User Interface and modular approach enables ability to evaluate the accuracy of processing steps in real time.

Reliable results

Scientific and industrial analysis results need to be trustworthy. The recipe-based approach of Avizo2D Software guarantees that the performed analyses are ‘objective’, without the bias that could be brought by an individual analyst.

Automatically perform tedious segmentation tasks

Performing segmentation tasks on similar samples can be time-consuming. Deep Learning models allow to perform tedious tasks in a completely automatic way.

Combine multiple image analysis approaches for best results

Performing various and sometimes challenging analysis projects require to be equipped with the best eco-system of tools and techniques to address specific use cases the best way. Avizo2D Software combines different image analysis approaches in an intuitive, workflow-driven environment:

  • Advanced built-in Image Processing
  • Deep Learning models
  • Integrated access to Python scientific libraries
  • Online library of pre-built workflows

Reproducible analyses

Avizo2D Software's analysis workflows are packaged in well identified ‘recipes’, that can be fully automated, enabling researchers and scientists to perform routine analysis repeatedly.

Detect image features in challenging cases

Certain types of features can be challenging to detect using conventional image processing techniques. Deep Learning models provide unique way to perform image analysis tasks in challenging cases because of noise, low contrast, low definition etc…

Analyze complex materials

Avizo2D Software benefits from the unmatched image processing and quantification capabilities of Avizo Software and delivers a comprehensive set of advanced image analysis tools, enabling researchers and engineers to perform complex feature identification and statistics extraction.

Utilize numerous pre-built workflows

Avizo2D Software comes with an online XTra Library which provides a collection of pre-built workflows and productivity tools:

  • Directly use pre-built recipes and pre-trained deep-learning models
  • Benefit from workflows created by your peers and application experts
  • Quickly get up to speed thanks to pre-defined recipes and scripts.

Optimize your microscope usage time

Use Avizo2D to get quantitative information on your sample while working with the microscope. Zoom in on regions of interest based on targeted metrics. And be able to step away with valuable data.

Connect Avizo2D Software to Thermo Scientific Maps Software for increased statistics via a fully automated acquisition and analysis pipeline. Maps Software is the Thermo Scientific cross-platform application for 2D imaging automation.

Thanks to the unique interoperability of Avizo2D Software and MAPS, automated data analysis can be run during an acquisition. Analysts are immediately able to get an enhanced perception of the material’s structure, and better understand the characteristics of analyzed materials more efficiently.

Use cases

Avizo2D Software can address multiple applications in Materials Science, from metal characterization to particle analysis, using any imaging modality, no matter what modality is used to acquire digital data (optical or electron microscopy).

More use cases

Avizo2D Software provides a comprehensive suite of image analysis tools, ranging from built-in image processing engine, to integrated access to Python scientific libraries, with an included online library of pre-built workflows, and powerful Deep Learning models creation tools.

Avizo2D Labeler

The Avizo2D Software Labeler is an interactive visual segmentation tool that lets you 'paint' a series of representative images and label the features of interest in each of them.

Avizo2D Trainer

The Avizo2D Software Trainer allows you then to build a Deep Learning model from these labeled images as ‘ground truth’, using the universal Keras/TensorFlow technology.

Avizo2D Analyzer

Apply the created Deep Learning models in the Avizo2D Software Analyzer to perform challenging or time-consuming processing tasks in a completely automated way.

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