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Select Thermo Scientific™ brand contact and settle plates for cleanroom and isolator confidence. Minimize risk by selecting the most appropriate options for your needs including extra protective barrier layers, enhanced moisture control elements, fully documented media fertility certificates, hygienic polypropylene packaging and insulated shippers to ensure safe transportation to your facility. Extensive quality control testing and shelf life studies ensure optimum performance in accordance with USP/EP/BP/JP. With a variety of formulations to choose from, in both irradiated and non-irradiated formats, finding what you need to monitor and control your environment can begin right here.

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sealed. sterile. secure. Thermo Scientific™ Triple Wrapped Irradiated Plates

Designed for your most regulated environments, Thermo Scientific™ Triple Wrapped Irradiated Plates feature the latest in quality-assurance technology. From advanced layered protection to enhanced performance, it’s the superior choice for environmental monitoring.

Three reasons to choose Triple Wrap Irradiated Plates:

Confidence in results

VHP exposure indicator confirms the integrity of the wrapping material and seals during VHP exposure, ensuring optimum media fertility.

Contamination risk reduction

Protective layers enhance moisture control by incorporating novel elements that permit the passage and absorption of excess moisture, reducing the risk of contamination.

Cost-effective solutions

Improved shelf life and room temperature storage minimize new batch validation and refrigeration costs.

Webinar: Microbiology control of isolators and cleanrooms

Learn how to successfully perform on-site validation for settle plates and contact plates used in environmental monitoring during pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Most complete solution for your most complex environments

Watch the video to see how three layers of protection ensure confidence in your results.


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