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Job Role

 CEO / COO / President
 Vice President
 Department Head
 Principal Investigator
 Medical Doctor
 Post-doctoral fellow
 Scientist / Associate Scientist
 Student / Graduate Student
 Research Assistant / Lab Technician
 Lab Manager
 Purchaser / Procurer

In which stages of the drug discovery and development process are you most involved? (check all that apply) *

 Target Identification
 Target Validation
 Assay Development
 Lead Optimization

On which therapeutic area are you most focused? (check all that apply) *

 Metabolic Disease

What target classes do you currently study? (check all that apply) *

 Ion Channels
 Nuclear Receptors

What techniques do you perform? (check all that apply) *

 Biochemical Assays
 Cellular Assays
 Biologic Manufacturing
 Primary Hepatocytes
 Metabolite ID/Stability

What class of drugs are you developing? (check all that apply) *

 Small Molecule
 Other Biologics

Do you perform or outsource any of the following areas? (check all that apply) *

 Selectivity Profiling
 Library Screening
 Custom Assay Development
 Protein Production
 Discovery ADME
 Development ADME