All service to Thermo Scientific™ NanoDrop™ instruments must be performed by our trained service technicians. The NanoDrop instruments are not user serviceable.

For service in the United States and Canada please call 877-724-7690 option 4 or email nanodrop@thermofisher.com. For international service please contact your local NanoDrop distributor.

We do not have onsite NanoDrop technicians for instruments located in the United States and Canada. All service needs to be completed at our service depot in Madison, WI.

Turnaround time for domestic service is 48 hours door-to-door. Due to Customs delays, turnaround time for Canadian service is typically two days longer. FedEx weather delays can also extend the turnaround time.

You can pay for service with a purchase order or credit card. We accept Master Card, Visa or American Express.

The cost for service does not include any parts. If a part replacement is needed, we will contact you to obtain your authorization to replace the part.

The NanoDrop 2000/2000c, NanoDrop 8000, NanoDrop Lite, and NanoDrop One/OneC all need to be shipped in their original shipping box and packing foam. If you do not have those materials, we will send you a box and packing foam at no cost. The NanoDrop 3300 can be shipped in any box you may have available.

We will provide you a FedEx return shipping label and shipping instructions. Alternatively, we will waive the shipping cost if you decide to use your own carrier.

If you specifically request it when setting up service, we can provide results of a Performance Verification before and after the service.

A report is shipped back with each instrument listing the services that were performed and any parts that were replaced. We also provide you with an Instrument Certification Sheet which shows the instrument passed recalibration and recertification.

Further Assistance and Technical Support

For further assistance in the United States and Canada, please call 877-724-7690, option 4 or email NanoDrop technical support at nanodrop@thermofisher.com. For international assistance, please email nanodrop@thermofisher.com or contact your local NanoDrop distributor.

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