Lawrencium • Actinide Rare Earth

Symbol: Lr
Date of Discovery: 1961
Name Origin: Ernest O. Lawrence
Appearance: unknown
Discoverer: Albert Ghiorso, et al.
Obtained From: not obtained naturally

Melting Point: unknown
Boiling Point: unknown
Density[kg/m3]: unknown
Molar Volume: unknown
Protons/Electrons: 103
Neutrons: 159
Shell Structure: 2,8,18,32,32,9,2
Electron Configuration: [Rn]5f147s27p1
Oxidation State: 3
Crystal Structure: unknown

Lawrencium, a synthetic element, is made from californium and has no known uses. Little is known about this element, but its appearance is likely to be silvery-white or gray. Preliminary work on the element indicates that it behaves like actinides. Eleven isotopes of lawrencium have been synthesized and the longest half-life of the eleven was 216 minutes. Lawrencium was named after Ernest O. Lawrence, who invented the cyclotron, an instrument designed to accelerate beams of charged particles.

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