If you’re looking to culture human primary amniotic fluid cells or chorionic villus cells, AminoMAX™ media is the right product for you.  Our formulations are designed to increase cell attachment, growth rates and provide high metaphase yields.

Product Information

AmnioMAX™ C-100 medium was developed specifically for the in vitro diagnostic testing of human amniotic fluid specimens and chorionic villus sampling.  Designed to help minimize diagnostic turnaround time, AmnioMAX™ medium maximizes colony growth while maintaining the cytogenetic analyzability of resulting colonies.

AmnioMAX™-II Complete Medium is a second-generation formulation, further optimized for cell attachment and increased pH stability.  Supplied in a single bottle, it is complete with antibiotics and growth promoting agents, and requires no further supplementation.

AmnioMAX™ medium supports the growth of amniocytes (Figure 1) and delivers superior plating density.  These results demonstrate that human amniocytes cultured in AmnioMAX™ medium give rise to approximately 22% to 25% more colonies and 44% to 80% more cytogenetically analyzable colonies as compared to other amniocyte media.  In addition, as shown in Figure 2, the mean mitotic index rate of cultured primary amniocytes grown in AmnioMAX™ medium was significantly greater than that achieved with Chang medium.

Figure 1 - Growth kinetics of aminocytes cultured with AmnioMAX™ medium.  A representative growth curve of secondary aminocytes cultured in either AminoMAX™ medium or MEM-alpha supplemented with 20% FBS is shown.  Cell counts were taken at various intervals.  Results shown are the mean of duplicate samples.

Figure 2 - Mitotic rate comparison of AmnioMAX™ medium and Chang medium.  The relative mitotic index rate for primary aminocytes cultured in either AminoMAX™ medium or Chang medium in situ for 6 days was determined.  The number of mitotic events per 5,000 cells was scored for each culture medium.

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