HyperSep SLE Plates

Removing uncertainty by applying science to SPE

Solid-supported liquid/liquid extraction (SLE) is a fast, effective sample preparation technique that provides considerable benefits over liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) protocols for removal of phospholipids from biological samples.

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HyperSep SLE offers the following advantages:

  • Greater reproducibility and recoveries compared to LLE techniques
  • Prevents emulsification often associated with LLE as the sample and water immiscible solvents are not in direct contact
  • Reduced solvent requirements compared to LLE
  • Can be completely automated unlike LLE
  • Improved cleanliness of sample extract compared to protein precipitation techniques
  • Improved sensitivity compared to protein precipitation techniques

HyperSep SLE is available in cartridge and 96-well formats to suit sample size and throughput requirements. The stationary phase consists of specially-treated diatomaceous earth and is available in acidified or basified formats to help simplify the protocol when acidic or basic mobile phases are used.

HyperSep SLE Product Specifications

MaterialSorbentVolContainsCatalog Number
Special treated diatomite SLE (pH=7)200mg3mL50 cartridge tubes60109-200-3-7
500mg3mL50 cartridge tubes60109-500-3-7
500mg6mL30 cartridge tubes60109-500-6-7
1g6mL30 cartridge tubes60109-1000-6-7
2g12mL20 cartridge tubes60109-2000-12-7
4g25mL15 cartridge tubes60109-4000-25-7
20g60mL10 cartridge tubes60109-20000-60-7
200mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-200-2-7W
300mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-300-2-7W
400mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-400-2-7W
500mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-500-2-7W
Special treated diatomite SLE (pH=9)200mg3mL50 cartridge tubes60109-200-3-9
500mg3mL50 cartridge tubes60109-500-3-9
500mg6mL30 cartridge tubes60109-500-6-9
1g6mL30 cartridge tubes60109-1000-6-9
2g12mL20 cartridge tubes60109-2000-12-9
4g25mL15 cartridge tubes60109-4000-25-9
20g60mL10 cartridge tubes60109-20000-60-9
200mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-200-2-9W
300mg2mL96-well plate60109-300-2-9W
400mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-400-2-9W
500mg2mL/well96-well plate60109-500-2-9W

Generic method protocol

SLE generic approachHyperSEP SLE 300 mg

  1. Pipette aqueous sample into cartridge. (Add internal standard prior to loading. Sample may need diluting to aid adsorption or controlled with pH to suppress ionization. For bases add 0.1% ammonia solution (aq). For acids add 0.1% formic acid (aq).) Maximum load including dilution solution = ~650 µL.
  2. Apply a pulse of vacuum to start loading. Wait 5 minutes.
  3. Ensure top frit is dry by applying a pulse of vacuum.
  4. Elute with a water immiscible solvent (e.g., MTBE).
  5. Allow to flow through under gravity, using vacuum at the end to dry.
  6. Evaporate solvent and reconstitute sample in mobile phase.