Exceptional characterization purification and isolation

Exceptional characterization, purification and isolation

Mixed-mode Thermo Scientific GlycanPac columns provide uniquely exceptional high resolution separation of neutral and charged glycans. In addition, we offer traditional amide-HILIC columns for the separation of neutral glycans, and ligand exchange columns for the purification and isolation of carbohydrates using an affinity support.

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Glycan HPLC column categories

These columns analyze both neutral and charged glycans. Use the traditional amide HILIC columns to separate neutral glycans, and the GlycanPac columns for exceptional high resolution separation of both neutral and charged glycans.

Need a column to separate carbohydrates using dilute acid mobile phase? These polymeric ligand exchange columns utilize a range of counter ions to deliver selectivity required.

Featured glycan analysis videos
Glycan Analysis: Achieving Greater Resolution

Ilze Birznieks talks about achieving greater resolution of glycans using HPLC and providing easier profile characterization.

Analyzing Biologically Important Glycans

Julian Saba explains how researchers can achieve ultra-high resolution of labeled and native glycans for structural characterization and quantification using the GlycanPac AXR-1 HPLC Column.

On-demand Consumables for chromatography webinar series: Learn at your own pace on a wide range of topics from column troubleshooting, method transfer, to tips for successful low-flow and more​

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