Food Microbiology Detection and Quantification

Solutions tailored to your need for confidence and compliance

Detect and quantify food quality indicator organisms, spoilage organisms, and bacterial foodborne pathogens with a broad choice of methods from traditional, selective, and differential agar media to rapid, real-time PCR assays.

Tackle some of your toughest challenges in the detection and quantification of pathogen, quality indicator, and authenticity targets with leading real-time PCR technologies.

Solutions can be tailored to your needs—from a simple, complete rapid pathogen detection system to the components to build custom solutions for your unique requirements. Whether your food testing laboratory is looking to introduce PCR technology for the first time or you want to expand the test services you offer, we can help you find the right solution.

Popular food microbiology detection & quantification solutions

Featured food microbiology detection categories

Quickly and easily detect foodborne pathogens and other bacteria in a wide range of food and environmental samples with our Thermo Scientific™ and Applied Biosystems™ real-time PCR solutions.

Detect DNA and RNA targets in food, environmental, and other samples with high levels of inhibitors, with our robust portfolio of effective master mixes optimized for in-house assay development.

Access innovative custom assay design, sequencing, and bioinformatics expertise with comprehensive global support for customized food safety solutions. 

Choose from a wide range of prepared culture media, available as prepared bottles, tubes & bags in volumes to suit your workflow.

Obtain colorful, easy-to-read colonies and shorten incubation times so that you make timely and important decisions in your food-testing laboratory.

Choose the exact formulation, format, and size of media you need. The familiar formulations that you use to ensure your lab performs optimally are right here at your fingertips. 

Deliver the incubation environment microbes demand with a variety of formats and sizes of atmosphere generating supplies. 


Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR Assays

It's better to be sure. Confident PCR pathogen testing run after run

Thermo Scientific™ SureTect™ Real-Time PCR Assays offer few handling steps, simple sample preparation, intuitive easy-to-operate software and universal PCR processing steps. The range covers workflows to detect Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli O157:H7 and Cronobacter in a variety of food and environmental sample types.

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Free guide: save time and waste in your culture media preparation

Free guide: save time and waste in your culture media preparation

Our culture media experts share their top tips in five key areas of media preparation to help you ensure your culture media is fit-for-purpose for accurate and easily interpreted results.

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Save time and labor with chromogenic media for pathogen detection

Colourful, easy-to-read colonies and short incubation times enable timely and important decision making in food testing laboratories.

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Combat food fraud. Inspect. Detect. Protect.

Combat food fraud with the first complete NGS workflow for meat, fish and plant species screening and identification. Initiate in-house testing of even the most complex food samples for accurate detection and differentiation of expected, and unexpected, species.

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