Process and lab twin-screw extruders and compounders.


使用 Thermo Scientific™ 共混机和挤出机可实现可靠的生产规模扩大,缩短上市时间和实现可控、连续的加工。我们的双螺杆共混机,为小批量中试生产或低量生产,提供灵活的混合配置,特别适用于聚合物部门、制药部门、生物科学部门和纳米技术部门的研究与开发。在制备低溶解度 API(原料药)的各种剂型时,制药商可依靠我们的双螺杆挤出机实现均匀的材料混合。我们的仪器可满足各种各样的工艺要求,甚至是最具挑战性的药物配方工艺要求。


适用于热熔挤出和连续制粒的 Thermo Scientific 制药共混机可为药物研发提供可靠的解决方案。我们的制药挤出机可满足各类药物开发应用要求,是开发和测试昂贵的 API 及相关化合物配方的理想选择。

使用 Thermo Scientific 放大挤出机和共混机可简化您的加工和质控过程。我们生产种类繁多的双螺杆挤出机,配备可定制的选配件,以适应制药、工业和聚合物应用中研究、开发、生产和质量控制所要求的既严苛又不断演化的环境。

Torque Rheometer

A torque rheometer is a  measuring mixer or extruder system used in quality control (QC) and research and development (R&D) for materials such as polymers, rubber, ceramic mixtures or food. Torque rheometers deliver information about melting behavior, influence of additives on processability, temperature or shear stability, and rheological characterization, e.g., injection molding. 

The advantage of modular torque rheometers is that an interchangeable mixer, single-screw extruder, or conical and parallel twin-screw extruder can be connected to maximize flexibility for daily measuring needs.

Micro-compounders are suitable for  early material development when only a few grams of sample available for testing . For example, 5 grams is sufficient with a micro-compounder.

All micro-compounder models are equipped with a back-flow channel and a bypass valve which allow control of the residence time of the sample in the compounder. Depending on the compounder model, it is also possible to measure the relative sample viscosity at different screw speeds. When combined with a mini injection molding machine, scientists can produce specimens for further analysis from limited sample amounts.

Small samples are suitable for micro compounding
Compounder Accessories

We offer  a broad range of  up- and down-stream equipment to complete the compounding process. Accessories such as pelletizers, wire coating, blow-molding, film take off and chill rolls, as well as a range of dies and feeding systems are available.

Webinar: How extrusion conditions influence the properties of starch compounds

Watch this webinar to see the benefits of adeptly designing a starch matrix by twin-screw extrusion.

Learn how to influence the texture, stability and further processability of the final product via extrusion.

Watch now ›

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